Trian Fireforge

male dwarf 4'4" 200lbs. Brown eyes Reddish-Brown hair Age:59


Diety: Torag, Al: LN, Class:Ftr4/Rngr2, HP: 86, Intiative: 4,Base att: +6/1 AC: 21/22 flat19 touch:12,Base: 10+(AC)8+(Shld Bon)1+(stat)1+(NA)1+(dodge)1,Fort:11,Ref:6,Will:1(note:1 towill save against fear,2 save throw against poison,spells & spell-like abilities)
*Str:16, Dex: 14, Con: 18, Int: 10, Wis: 10, Chr:8, Waraxe
1 11/6 1d10+6, Pwr Att:9/4 1d10+10,Splint mail+1(Shadow 5 stealth chk) Lght wood shld, Throw Hamr(Lght):8/4 1d43(20ft)(-2 at30-40ft).
*Skills: Acro: -2,Jump: -7,Climb: 2, Intim: +3, Know:(dung) +4,(Eng) +4,(Geogr) +4,(Hist) +6,(Nat) +6, Perct: +5(7 unusual stone),Ride: -4,Stealth: 1, Surv: 8(9 to follow or Identify tracks)Swim: +1.
*Ranger abilities: Fav enemy: Abberations, Feat: Improv Shld Bash(cann’t use in heavy arm)
*Equipment: MW Backpack,Chain shirt (to sleep in), Warhammer (back-up), SB w/19arrows,
Climbers kit,Rope&hook,ect
*CMB: Grapple: +9/
4, Trip: 9/4, Disarm: 9/4, Sunder :9/4, Bullrush: +11, Overrun: +11
*CMD: 22 22 22 22 22 22
*Traits: Reactionary +2 Intiative, Scholar of the great beyond: Knowledge history (class skill)
*Special traits: Stability is replaced by relentless: +2 to bullrush & overrun
*feats: 1)Cleave 2)Power att. 3)Weapon focus-Dwarven waraxe 4)Weapon Specialization-Dwarven waraxe 5)Dodge 6)Ironhide: +1 to Nat armor


Trian was born and raised in the prominant Dwarven city of Janderhoff located along the Mindspin Mountains. Trian spent his days looking after his younger brother, Rogar, while His Father and Older brother were away selling thier wares to neighboring cities. Having lost his mother 8 years ago, he took the responsablity of caring for his brother without complaint. It was during this time that Trian developed an interest in books. He would pass the time reading about historyReligion, adventure, what ever he could get his hands on, while his younger brother was at rest.
When Rogar turned 13, Trian now 23, trian was asked by their father, to train the youngest in the family with the use of weapons. (Finally, some excitment.) This went on for several years until thier father deamed that Rogar was old enough to join him and thier eldest in the forges. By this time Trian was 26 and was 6 years behind other clansmen his age. Try as he might, Trian just could not get into forging things and dreamed of the day he could go out and see the world that the books he read described.
The day finally came when Trian, now 46, was able to join his father on their trips to neighboring cities to sell thier wares. He enjoyed the sights and sounds of the world above ground. Trian picked up new books, listened in on conversations at the local Taverns, Questioned traveling bards and listened to their stories. But his descion to leave his home did not come until he turned 57.
Trian and Rogar had joined there father on a trip over the mindspin mounts. to travel to Vigil. The caravan was ambushed by Orcs and goblins. Several dwarven lives were taken. The most heartfelt was that of Rogar. With the loss of his younger brother, Trian told his father when they reached Vigil that he would not be returning with the caravan. That he wanted to spend time with his cousin, the mage, and do a little travelling before he returned. Father was not pleased, but relented after several discussions.

Trian Fireforge

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