level 5 gnome Alchemist


Spluge grew up in the town of [insert town name here]. He grew up with his parents worshiping [magic diety] openly, which made his life difficult as the town had a unnatural fear of the arcane and magic users in general. But his family was allowed to stay due to his father being an alchemist and his mother a herbalist, but they still had to deal with thier fair share of trouble from the villagers.

Spluge’s parents are currently deceased, dying of natural causes. After his parents died Spluge stayed in town having picked up his fathers trade, but where his father mostly dealt in potions and standard fare (he wasn’t the alchemist class, just the Craft(alchemy) and brew poition variety), Spluge ventured more deeply into his faith and alchemy as more then just a way to make potions and tinder twigs.

He found he had an unnatural ability for explosives which is what has landed him in this particular perdicament. You see while expermenting he sort of….blew up the town well….it was a complete accident he swears. It had nothing to do with nobody showing up to pay their respects after his parents died, or the constant badgering and distrustful glances thrown his way. Well, needless to say, he was promptly run out of town.

Since then he has been wardering from town to town plying his trade for coin and expermenting when he had time. Then before he knew what was going on…. [gm insert plot here]


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