Initiate Death Lord Galibrex

Undead Ruler from Geb


Initiate Death Lord Galibrex is a general from the land of Geb. His ruthlessness and ambition lead people to believe he will make a play on one of the Death Lords, becoming one himself if he is successful. Hence the initiate title. Geb has led the assault and occupation on the capitol city of Nex, Nex. The Nexians have not looked favorably on his occupation, which reflects poorly for Galibrex. His objective is to pacify the city without destroying it, and root out the Necromancy that drew Geb down on Nex in the first place. All things considered, Nex is still one of the biggest customers of Geb’s food products, so there is a desire to preserve it.


Initiate Death Lord Galibrex

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