Ash-Shaulah Ibn Aryans Al'Saeed


Ash-Shaulah Ibn Aryans Al’Saeed was born to a life of privilege and nobility he never wanted for anything. This life had a hidden cost though, in order to maintain his status, Ash-Shaulah’s father, Aryan Al’Saeed, traded his first born son to the local Shiek. This ensured another generation of the house of Aryan would be noble. Such is the price of nobility.

Taken into the Shieks personal army at a young age Ash-Shaulah learned only to fight. He was first trained to fight for the nobles houses entertainment. It wasn’t all that bad, he wasn’t a slave just indebted. The Shiek provided the finest training and equipment. He also traveled the local region. He was after all a representative of the Shiek. Eventually Ash-Shaulah become a member of the Shieks personal army and enforced the Shiek will as necessary. Throughout his missions Ash-Shaulah managed to acquire all four pieces of the legendary Keliphs amulet. Uknown to Ash-Shaulah but was set to be a legend.

The jade, ivory and golden piece is rumored to provide the wearer the magic needed to banish the Dijinn back to their realm for 100 years. Again this is rumored, but the Dijinn feared it. They feared it enough to send a small unit to visit Ash-Shaulah and destroy most of the camp he was at. No one knew what they were after including Ash-Shaulah but that didn’t stop them. They found the Keliphs amulet and scattered it to the four winds. To ensure no one else dared look for it, they left Ash-Shaulah for dead and killed the Al’Saeed family.

When the Shiek found out what happened he called forth the Visers. After a week of council they concluded that the Al’Saeed debt is paid, since there isn’t another generation to be a noble house. But since Ash-Shaulah caused this shame upon himself, he was cast from the region until he can return this shame on the Dijinn. Not only his Ash-Shaulah shamed, but he caused the Shiek time and money. For this crime, even though it was unintended, Ash-Shaulah shall find the Keliphs amulet for the Shiek so he can have the honor of repaying the Dijinn in kind.

Ash-Shaulah Ibn Aryans Al'Saeed

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