Arcane Scars

Prologue 4/6/2012 session

Where the PC's effect freedom.

While searching for the fabled city of gold in the Magwani Expanse, the companions parties had been weakened by the fighting between the various factions of the Lost Coast. Eventually this leads to capture of some of the party members by slavers from the eastern sea board of Golaroan.

The slaves are transported to Nex where initiate Death Lord Galbrex is running exhibition games to raise morale of his newly occupied city. They are given a few weeks to train, insuring that a good show is put on. Slaves are housed in the arena. Having watched many a previous match, they know that he fallen are frequently converted into undead thralls to further serve the causes of Geb. Waste not, want not!

On the momentous day of their first exhibition, they find a familiar face in the audience!



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