Arcane Scars

Some days you just shouldn't wake up

So the witch hunter went off to question the priest/paladin. I’m pretty sure the paladin is going to ass rape him. Me, I’m ready for some sleep, heading toward the inn. WE decide to talk to the paladin about his niece, the evil whore, and find out just what he knows. He is going to go investigate his niece. We hang out at the tavern and decide to follow the girl and see what she does. I try to sell some of those coins, man is this place depressed, forget it I’ll sell em later after we overthrouw the government. We follow the girl to the church, where she vanashed. I go back to her room and find some books about the church, books of necromancy I’m sure. Ass Hat is determined to access the foul necromancer’s lair below the church. and he magically knows the way down, little suspicious if you ask me. He reads the foul evil journal and now leads us into the dark, he may be part of this foulness it bears watching. We find a underground path that we follow. More necromancy stuff is found. Little girl shows up says some stuff about looking for the guy that killed the witches and some life draining sword. The rest of the group seems excited abou thtis news. Then the bitch seals us in, fucking evil whore child. We kill some undead farmers (6), (aren’t we some hardcore bastards). The witchdoctor mutilates the bodies and begins to make a flesh cloak and skeleton skull belt (sadistic fucker.)
Now we find a coffin for edward the important.



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