Arcane Scars

Keep playing with it and you'll go blind

Thats what you get for looting bodies. Witch hunter grabbed edward the important’s mace and was struck blind. We enter a cathadral for some saint of sculpture or something but wait there’s a chest and some skeleton. WE find so prayer beads that I give to the priest. And in the chest is a ring. We find a bunch of crypts filled with plague victims. Then we find a bunch of rats we killem, we’re awesome. We find a door spiked shut, we open it, we’re stupid adventurers. Couple of skeletons no problem. They decide to unspike a bunch of doors to kill the skeletons contained within. The fighter types go on a skeleton killing rampage. Then we encounter some damn celing fungus. We navigate the chasm, come out into a mausaliem. We leave and end up on the church island. Yea us. W go back to the inn.



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