Arcane Scars

Epilogue 4/6/2012

The Players© arrive at the arena.

They Spot Newton as close to initiate Initiate Death Lord Galibrex as the common people are allowed to get.

The Players© superior showmanship allows them to work their way towards the Newton and Initiate Death Lord Galibrex. A magic infused display of fireworks draws attention away from Newton throwing the PC’s supplies into the Arena. The players then proceed to dispatch Galibrex and his guards, and make haste for the Rusty Spoon Inn, where they meet Council Member Torvis.

Father Torvis relates the tale of Geb being concerned that the City of Quantium (Nexian Capitol) is trying to raise Nex himself, and the resulting invasion to prevent said action. Torvis suspects that a rogue Necromancer is causing problems in Nex, and that not all Gebbites are wanting to see Nex destroyed. If the Necromancer can be found and stopped, Geb might cease the hostilities.

Torvis promised rewards for the players help, along with basic equipment.
1400 XP



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