Arcane Scars

Damn Skeletons

So we examine the 4 coffins and find….needle and thread. Bunch of runes that someone screwed up. Coffins appear to have belonged to the 4 dead coven members. We find a small lake with some coins and a gold dagger at the bottom. Asshat goes ape-shit about the dagger and wades in after it. I watch, I’m not getting wet. Holy shit there’s some big squid creature in the water. The orc goes after it, asshat seems to not care about the squid and is just focused on the dagger. I shoot with my mighty crossbow and miss barely, maybe I should shoot at the body instead of the eyes. Then the squid shot out a cloud of ink trying to hide itself from me. I turn around and what the fuck that witch hunter showed up out of nowhere. I turn around and causually throw a bomb at the thing blowing it the fuck up and getting rid of that damn ink cloud. The hunter guy casts some pansy fear spell, cause he’s afraid of it, and makes the squid go away. We get this ornate dagger +1 and 15 ancient gold coins.
Now we found 2 silver ancient coins and 4 wineskins of something. I failed a int check. We find a big giant cave and find….a big tentacle plant monster. I blow the hell of it. The other guys help some. We start heading back to town the hunter guy has some bug up his ass about questining the paladin/priest…anti-paladin is more like it. So what ever I decided to follow cause he’s going to get in a fight it should be fun to watch.

2000 XP



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