Arcane Scars

Corrected Epilogue 4/20/12

The newly developed party was led to Father Torvis, a paladin who is leading the underground resistance. The group was informed that there had been a number of bodies stolen from grave sites around the city and decided to investigate these sites to gather more information.

Traveling through the sewers, the party came across a grate guarded by a handful of armored skeletons. Unbeknownst to the travelers, there was a host of other guardians laying in wait beneath the surface of the water. Apparently Gorum, the god of Battles was distracted when he set this trap for our able warriors or perhaps he merely underestimated the prowess of our heroes. Perhaps he overlooked the overwhelming power over undead that a particular chosen of Desna had been blessed with.

After the large half orc broke the lock on the gate and laid waste to the first pair of skeletons guarding the entrance, the party’s divine leadership called down for blessing from Desna and decimated the evil undead with the sheer power of good energy. The remainder of the battle was a perfunctory mopping up of moving bones.

Practically unscathed, the party moved on to the farm where one of the bodies had been stolen. Through talking with Ma Clampett it was discovered that Pa had sat on a jury of a famous witch trial almost a decade back.

For the remainder of the next two days, the party traveled to the other grave sites and discovered not only that all of the jury members from this trial had expired, but that all of the graves belonged to these jury members as well.

Beyond this, it was discovered that one of the witches was Father Torvis’s sister and that Torvis was raising his niece. There were sightings of the niece at multiple grave sites, so the heroes drew the conclusion that she’s involved with the witches, but are unsure how to bring this to Torvis’s attention.



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