Arcane Scars

Beware the Flesh Golem!!

By Spuge
And so it begins. We’re going to go after some little girl in white who is raising the dead jury members and, though I have yet to be proven right, implanting them into flesh golems. Right now we have this half-orc with a big sword/axe/something big and sharp which is cool cause he’s big to hide behind. Some cleric, again cool too many damn undead around, but he’s way fast so hopefully he’s strong enough to carry me if the need comes to run away. There is also some witch-hunter type, silent doesn’t really do much, He’s got some hang up about the misuse of magic, whatever, it’s another body for the bad guys to beat on and leave me alone. And some other guy with a sword, Ass Hat or something along those lines, again just another body to interpose between me and the undead.

We’ve investiaged a bunch of dead people, and are now getting ready to head to the swamp before we get swarmed by flesh eating undead nasties. We did manage to wipe out the rat problem in the sewers maybe they want to do the same thing in the swamp? Hey, sounds good to me, rats aren’t that dangerous, certianly less so then flesh golems.

We go and talk to the Paladin guy to present our accumulated evidence. He’s going to have some other putzs look into it. I pretty sure he’s involved some how, sure he says he’s a paladin, maybe anti-paladim is more like it. Yup, he’s definately a black hat, I’ve read enough mysteries to know whats going on. He’s pinning the blame on the obvious people, witches and such, but I know how this goes. The half-orc insults the paladin of course, thats just how they roll.

WE head to the swamp. To confront some witches. I notice some chick in a white dress watching us from the window of the inn as we are leaving. We lose her, she’s fast, or we’re slow. We go to the widower’s wood where the witches were slaughered. There is some open tomb that we are investigating for some reason. Big people always want to check stuff out. We find some fresh tracks and again instead of running away we decide to go find em. We decide to do a little grave robbing while we’re here and we find a coin for one of the local crime families (according to the orc, how does he know? He’s definatly a suspect now.), and a silver gun. WE find a goblin and Ass Hat apparently speaks goblin. Goblin knows about the little brown hair girl in a white dress. While exploring we find a crap ton of skeletons(12). And KILLED THEM. BOOM!!

1500 XP



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