Arcane Scars

Fucking keep your hand off me keep

So we head to the keep. top bridge is crap so we head back down to the lower bridge. So the rest of the party wanders across the bridge, I stand back and watch to see if they get pelted with arrows, cause I be smart. Hey what you know, archers above em. Ass-hat blasts the upper bridge and collapses it, killing the archers. Now that the archers are down I decide that it’s now safe to come across, my minions are certified bad asses. We try to question a guy and find out he’s a member of the inquisition, who were supposed to be disbanded/killed, whatever. We head into the keep, bunch of hallways. Hey look it’s a big skeleton, and it whacks the hell out of our dwarf. And the half-orc is running like a little halfling girl after a corndog. I blow his ass up, teach the fucker to mess with me, damn skeletons. Then the bastard disappeared, his fear of me is such that he had to leave the mortal plane. Now instead of leaving the foolish dwarf want to look for people.

We find a bear sleeping in the corner so he dwarf kills a sleeping defenseless woodland creature of the forest in cold blood. What a mean ass bastard. Wait, WHAT THE FUCK!!, Ass-Hat starts talking to the dwarf, and then the dwarf starts just poking the damn thing. The orc makes a wild swing like a damn top, and misses. Wakes it up and now we’re talking to the damn thing. Now as we leave the damn thing be, the orc goes nuts and attacks the damn thing. I’m confused as fuck, are we killing shit, not killing shit. And I just gave the bastard like 5 copper. And he runs away, so he takes my money then we attack it and it runs away with my money. What the hell, someone owes me 5 copper.

We go upstairs to the roof. we check out the curch and see some stuff.

Keep playing with it and you'll go blind

Thats what you get for looting bodies. Witch hunter grabbed edward the important’s mace and was struck blind. We enter a cathadral for some saint of sculpture or something but wait there’s a chest and some skeleton. WE find so prayer beads that I give to the priest. And in the chest is a ring. We find a bunch of crypts filled with plague victims. Then we find a bunch of rats we killem, we’re awesome. We find a door spiked shut, we open it, we’re stupid adventurers. Couple of skeletons no problem. They decide to unspike a bunch of doors to kill the skeletons contained within. The fighter types go on a skeleton killing rampage. Then we encounter some damn celing fungus. We navigate the chasm, come out into a mausaliem. We leave and end up on the church island. Yea us. W go back to the inn.

Some days you just shouldn't wake up

So the witch hunter went off to question the priest/paladin. I’m pretty sure the paladin is going to ass rape him. Me, I’m ready for some sleep, heading toward the inn. WE decide to talk to the paladin about his niece, the evil whore, and find out just what he knows. He is going to go investigate his niece. We hang out at the tavern and decide to follow the girl and see what she does. I try to sell some of those coins, man is this place depressed, forget it I’ll sell em later after we overthrouw the government. We follow the girl to the church, where she vanashed. I go back to her room and find some books about the church, books of necromancy I’m sure. Ass Hat is determined to access the foul necromancer’s lair below the church. and he magically knows the way down, little suspicious if you ask me. He reads the foul evil journal and now leads us into the dark, he may be part of this foulness it bears watching. We find a underground path that we follow. More necromancy stuff is found. Little girl shows up says some stuff about looking for the guy that killed the witches and some life draining sword. The rest of the group seems excited abou thtis news. Then the bitch seals us in, fucking evil whore child. We kill some undead farmers (6), (aren’t we some hardcore bastards). The witchdoctor mutilates the bodies and begins to make a flesh cloak and skeleton skull belt (sadistic fucker.)
Now we find a coffin for edward the important.

Damn Skeletons

So we examine the 4 coffins and find….needle and thread. Bunch of runes that someone screwed up. Coffins appear to have belonged to the 4 dead coven members. We find a small lake with some coins and a gold dagger at the bottom. Asshat goes ape-shit about the dagger and wades in after it. I watch, I’m not getting wet. Holy shit there’s some big squid creature in the water. The orc goes after it, asshat seems to not care about the squid and is just focused on the dagger. I shoot with my mighty crossbow and miss barely, maybe I should shoot at the body instead of the eyes. Then the squid shot out a cloud of ink trying to hide itself from me. I turn around and what the fuck that witch hunter showed up out of nowhere. I turn around and causually throw a bomb at the thing blowing it the fuck up and getting rid of that damn ink cloud. The hunter guy casts some pansy fear spell, cause he’s afraid of it, and makes the squid go away. We get this ornate dagger +1 and 15 ancient gold coins.
Now we found 2 silver ancient coins and 4 wineskins of something. I failed a int check. We find a big giant cave and find….a big tentacle plant monster. I blow the hell of it. The other guys help some. We start heading back to town the hunter guy has some bug up his ass about questining the paladin/priest…anti-paladin is more like it. So what ever I decided to follow cause he’s going to get in a fight it should be fun to watch.

2000 XP

Beware the Flesh Golem!!

By Spuge
And so it begins. We’re going to go after some little girl in white who is raising the dead jury members and, though I have yet to be proven right, implanting them into flesh golems. Right now we have this half-orc with a big sword/axe/something big and sharp which is cool cause he’s big to hide behind. Some cleric, again cool too many damn undead around, but he’s way fast so hopefully he’s strong enough to carry me if the need comes to run away. There is also some witch-hunter type, silent doesn’t really do much, He’s got some hang up about the misuse of magic, whatever, it’s another body for the bad guys to beat on and leave me alone. And some other guy with a sword, Ass Hat or something along those lines, again just another body to interpose between me and the undead.

We’ve investiaged a bunch of dead people, and are now getting ready to head to the swamp before we get swarmed by flesh eating undead nasties. We did manage to wipe out the rat problem in the sewers maybe they want to do the same thing in the swamp? Hey, sounds good to me, rats aren’t that dangerous, certianly less so then flesh golems.

We go and talk to the Paladin guy to present our accumulated evidence. He’s going to have some other putzs look into it. I pretty sure he’s involved some how, sure he says he’s a paladin, maybe anti-paladim is more like it. Yup, he’s definately a black hat, I’ve read enough mysteries to know whats going on. He’s pinning the blame on the obvious people, witches and such, but I know how this goes. The half-orc insults the paladin of course, thats just how they roll.

WE head to the swamp. To confront some witches. I notice some chick in a white dress watching us from the window of the inn as we are leaving. We lose her, she’s fast, or we’re slow. We go to the widower’s wood where the witches were slaughered. There is some open tomb that we are investigating for some reason. Big people always want to check stuff out. We find some fresh tracks and again instead of running away we decide to go find em. We decide to do a little grave robbing while we’re here and we find a coin for one of the local crime families (according to the orc, how does he know? He’s definatly a suspect now.), and a silver gun. WE find a goblin and Ass Hat apparently speaks goblin. Goblin knows about the little brown hair girl in a white dress. While exploring we find a crap ton of skeletons(12). And KILLED THEM. BOOM!!

1500 XP

Epilogue 4/20/2012

Father Torvis tasked the players with checking out various leads of missing bodies. The players decimated alot of skeleton guards with no risk to themselves.

1800 XP

Epilogue 4/6/2012

The Players© arrive at the arena.

They Spot Newton as close to initiate Initiate Death Lord Galibrex as the common people are allowed to get.

The Players© superior showmanship allows them to work their way towards the Newton and Initiate Death Lord Galibrex. A magic infused display of fireworks draws attention away from Newton throwing the PC’s supplies into the Arena. The players then proceed to dispatch Galibrex and his guards, and make haste for the Rusty Spoon Inn, where they meet Council Member Torvis.

Father Torvis relates the tale of Geb being concerned that the City of Quantium (Nexian Capitol) is trying to raise Nex himself, and the resulting invasion to prevent said action. Torvis suspects that a rogue Necromancer is causing problems in Nex, and that not all Gebbites are wanting to see Nex destroyed. If the Necromancer can be found and stopped, Geb might cease the hostilities.

Torvis promised rewards for the players help, along with basic equipment.
1400 XP

Corrected Epilogue 4/20/12

The newly developed party was led to Father Torvis, a paladin who is leading the underground resistance. The group was informed that there had been a number of bodies stolen from grave sites around the city and decided to investigate these sites to gather more information.

Traveling through the sewers, the party came across a grate guarded by a handful of armored skeletons. Unbeknownst to the travelers, there was a host of other guardians laying in wait beneath the surface of the water. Apparently Gorum, the god of Battles was distracted when he set this trap for our able warriors or perhaps he merely underestimated the prowess of our heroes. Perhaps he overlooked the overwhelming power over undead that a particular chosen of Desna had been blessed with.

After the large half orc broke the lock on the gate and laid waste to the first pair of skeletons guarding the entrance, the party’s divine leadership called down for blessing from Desna and decimated the evil undead with the sheer power of good energy. The remainder of the battle was a perfunctory mopping up of moving bones.

Practically unscathed, the party moved on to the farm where one of the bodies had been stolen. Through talking with Ma Clampett it was discovered that Pa had sat on a jury of a famous witch trial almost a decade back.

For the remainder of the next two days, the party traveled to the other grave sites and discovered not only that all of the jury members from this trial had expired, but that all of the graves belonged to these jury members as well.

Beyond this, it was discovered that one of the witches was Father Torvis’s sister and that Torvis was raising his niece. There were sightings of the niece at multiple grave sites, so the heroes drew the conclusion that she’s involved with the witches, but are unsure how to bring this to Torvis’s attention.

Prologue 4/6/2012 session
Where the PC's effect freedom.

While searching for the fabled city of gold in the Magwani Expanse, the companions parties had been weakened by the fighting between the various factions of the Lost Coast. Eventually this leads to capture of some of the party members by slavers from the eastern sea board of Golaroan.

The slaves are transported to Nex where initiate Death Lord Galbrex is running exhibition games to raise morale of his newly occupied city. They are given a few weeks to train, insuring that a good show is put on. Slaves are housed in the arena. Having watched many a previous match, they know that he fallen are frequently converted into undead thralls to further serve the causes of Geb. Waste not, want not!

On the momentous day of their first exhibition, they find a familiar face in the audience!


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