Near 5000 years ago, the powerful Arch-mage Nex and the Necromancer Geb, along with their respective city states nearly destroyed each other. Peace has reigned since that destructive war. Longing for a return to the glory days, the council of 3 and 9 from Nex, has sought ways to return Nex to the living. This prompted Geb to respond with a short but victorious war to take over the Nexian capitol, Quantium.

A year has passed. In that time, initiate Death Lord Galbrex has had difficulties subjugating the population. Riots, famine, and rebellion have all worked against him. Thinking to provide entertainment to quell further resistance, Galbrex had his undead army construct a coliseum for gladiatorial games. This has helped to get the population on track, and at the same time eliminated some of the more vocal resistance.

Will the country of Nex survive? Will Geb’s aggression in the area go unopposed?

Arcane Scars

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